A review of im thinking of ending things the debut novel of iain reid

However, for most of his life the biggest dangers came not from other people but from himself.

Charlie Kaufman to Adapt ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ for Netflix

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Review: Iain Reid’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a stark, cerebral thriller

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New technology kills bacteria that cause hospital infections Swift and sharply rendered, I'm Thinking of Ending Things contains psychic traces of Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo and Margaret Atwood Surfacing for the way that Reid massages facts through the filter of extreme anxiety.

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Read with capital-C-worthy Caution. Capped with an ending that will shock and chill, this twisty tale invites multiple readings. But only when alone can we focus on ourselves, know ourselves. Iain Reid's smart debut novel, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, interrogates the promise of the grand finale, delivering a stark, cerebral thriller that crushes what (and who) you thought you knew.


His internationally bestselling debut novel, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, has been published in more than twenty countries.

Oscar-winner Charlie Kaufman is writing and directing a film based on the novel, which Reid will co-produce/5(). "I'm Thinking of Ending Things is one of the best debut novels I've ever read. Iain Reid has crafted a tight, ferocious little book, with a persistent tenor of suspense that tightens and mounts toward its visionary, harrowing final pages" - Scott Heim, award-winning author of.

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His bestselling debut novel, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, was translated into more than a dozen languages. Foe is his second novel. Follow him on Twitter @michaelferrisjr.comed on: March 21,

A review of im thinking of ending things the debut novel of iain reid
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Charlie Kaufman to Adapt ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ for Netflix – Variety